Solid Rock Camp & Retreat Center
2728 Lower Twin Rocks Rd, Florissant, CO 80816  |  (719) 687-4184  |
     Step 1: Register Your Camper(s)
  • Online registration - ​Click here, then follow the instructions below.

    You may register up to 5 campers using one form. If you wish to sign up more than 5 campers, please complete and submit the form for the first 5 campers, and then begin again for any other campers you wish to register.

    ​​In-person registration - If you would like to register in person on the first day of camp please e-mail us a list of the campers that will be comming at
    and bring in a camp physical and an immunization record. Each campers' parent/legal guardian has to be present. (we accept cash and card in person)

    Step 2: Download Medical Forms
    You will receive an email with a link to these forms. If you wish to download them now, you may click here. Please, only submit one copy of each form per camper.

    Step 3: Submit Payment for Registrations
    Click here to submit payment for each camper's registration. Please fill out the form individually for each camper.