Solid Rock Camp & Retreat Center
2728 Lower Twin Rocks Rd, Florissant, CO 80816  |  (719) 687-4184  |
You may register your camper for camp this summer in two different ways:​​​​​​​​
  • Pen and Paper Click here to download the form or contact the camp office.​  Then mail or deliver the form with payment to the camp office.
  • Online registration (preferred) - ​Click here, then follow the instructions below.
1. Create a username and password to use for all children in your family.  (If you created one in previous years, you may log in as a returning user.)

2. Complete all fields relevant to your child.  Fields with a red asterisk are required.

3. This form is a legal document. Enter your full name in the electronic signature field at the bottom. This is a legal signature. Enter the current date.

4. Click the Save Progress button at the bottom if you have partially completed the form to save all information entered and return later.

5. After entering all information appropriate for your child, you MUST click the Submit button for the document to be legal.  You will then be taken to PayPal where you can make payment for the camp. Registration is not complete until payment has been received.

6. If you want to register another child, sign in again with the family username and password and click the Start New button. Follow the instructions above.

7. If you want to update information, sign in again and click the Edit button on the row with the child’s name. Make any changes required. Update the date field next to the signature field. Click the Submit button.